Our School



Discover Your Voice! Even if you don't think you can sing. We will help you realize your musical dreams by helping you to understand your vocal instrument (that's your body), develop your musician ship, and build your confidence.

It’s a One on One session.


Private lesson means that each lesson is all about you! We set a pace that works around your learning style and the practice time you have available. For the schedule, by appointment.


We help you to gain the control, build confidence and find your own voice through the study of :


01. Proper breath support
02. Vowels, consonants and placement
03. Range and registers
04. Pitch and key
05. Volume control
06. Rhythm and phrasing
07. Vibrato and other vocal ornaments
08. Vocal styles such as belting, breathy
09. Harmonies
10. Warm up and practice techniques
11. Vocal health, maintenance and tension release
12. Accessing your own creativity
13. Recording and critiquing


Singing is about much more than just vocal skill ...


We’ll get you ready to take the stage!